Изменения в версии 67.0:

  • Add the recording of DirectX 11 games
  • Add 64-bit game recording support
  • Update language files
  • Modification of the script error of built-in browser

Изменения в версии 91.0:

  • Add the recording of OpenGL games
  • Improved recording speed of DirectX 11 games
  • Add the recording of DirectX 10 games
  • Add capture feature of the game screen
  • Added as time limit function of the game recording to work
  • Support the game during recording watermark
  • Speed improvement of watermark image drawing routine of algorithm
  • When game recording, if the resolution of the game is not changed, so as to continue recording
  • Modified as accurately output FPS
  • Fixed a problem that FPS is not output at random in StarCraft 2
  • x264vfw 64-bit game during recording of the log window float not as modified
  • After the completion of the game, sometimes game of run time frame display is not part of the modification
  • In order to fix the audio sync deviation of Windows XP, it increases the capture buffer size
  • WASAPI a large capture buffer size
  • Add game record button on the toolbar
  • Added the language of German
  • Added the language of Italian
  • WASAPI modified to detail output the audio recording related error messages
  • The deletion of the beta message when you press the record button game

Изменения в версии 101.0:

  • Improved compatibility for steam 32-bit games
  • Windows 7 32-bit opengl game modification that there is no recording
  • Improvement of the game screen capture function
  • Change to open the ocam use tips site when you exit the program

Изменения в версии 105.0:

  • Add Game Record Pause function
  • Add game when recording mouse highlighting
  • Add the ability to capture screen while recording
  • Updated language files

Изменения в версии 107.0:

  • Improved compatibility Games record of x-trap Related Games
  • Game Recording GOM Player compatibility improvements
  • Additional comments on ocam module in Windows 8 Task Manager or higher

Изменения в версии 113.0:

  • Windows 10 insider preview support
  • Add an option to save the file names in a variety of formats
  • Improved compatibility GTA5 game record
  • Origins game recording compatibility improvements
  • When not recording, so that changes can not pause shortcut works

Изменения в версии 116.0:

  • Updated internal libraries
  • DirectX 9.0 FPS drawing routines change
  • Recording a particular game on Windows 64-bit error correction
  • Modified to encode an audio recording in synchronization
  • Fixed an issue where the mouse is flashing(DWM is enabled)

Изменения в версии 118.0:

  • Remove unnecessary logic optimization when record
  • Display the FPS values up to 9999

Изменения в версии 121.0:

  • Modify the built-in browser script error
  • Add option to hide the cursor, drag the middle area recording

Изменения в версии 130.0:

  • DirectX 8 Recording Support
  • Fix problems with audio in avi format that is not normal length
  • Game recording mode, the display frame modifications that function in a work program such as Outlook
  • ffmpeg library updates
  • Fixed a bug related to cursor highlights options
  • Built-in Web browser version stabilization
  • Chinese Language Update

Изменения в версии 136.0:

  • 8k resolution supported (currently only supports MP4)
  • Add the ability to resize the video
  • When the sound recording mode, modify the capture button
  • When using x264 codec, frame number modification
  • Game recording support with ENB mod
  • Additional items on the codec mov a message that Sony Vegas editable
  • Do the VirtualProtect function only in the x86 processes to directly call without using the Windows DLL
  • Modified to record the game Warcraft 3 displays FPS

Изменения в версии 150.0:

  • DirectX 12 video recording, capture Support
  • Additional and updated language files
  • Modified dual monitor bugs in Windows 10
  • When the game recording module load fails, "Failed to WaitRequestComplete" part that caused an error message to change

Изменения в версии 157.0:

  • GIF recording support (game recordings will support the next version)
  • Modified to some 64-bit games FPS display and record
  • Hungarian language update

Изменения в версии 163.0:

  • GIF Support game record
  • Additional features resize GIF
  • Modify some programs cursor is visible properly
  • Improved compatibility between D3DOverrider program
  • Additional Armenian Language
  • Various language files updated

Изменения в версии 167.0:

  • Fatal error in the game recording mode (Failed to WaitRequestComplete) modified
  • Improving internal functions

Изменения в версии 170.0:

  • Fix an error(FailedToInitScreenCamcoderEngine) that occur in some PC
  • In Vista or later modified to not initialize DirectSound

Изменения в версии 173.0:

  • Improved compatibility with Unity
  • DirectX 10, 11 improve recording performance

Изменения в версии 198.0:

  • Intel SSE4, SSSE3, SSE, AVX, AVX2, AVX512 command support has been added
  • DirectX 9, 10, 11, OpenGL record performance is improved
  • When recording games that you can set the pipeline (Step 3 is only built-in codecs)
  • When the back buffer size is larger than the window size, and fix any video margin problems
  • When the recording of 60 frames or more, should not be lost frame
  • When you start the game recording, should not be lost frame
  • Some games also prevent the crash that occurs when you exit the game record
  • Modified to record properly in a multi-channel speaker configuration
  • Additional options that you can select a microphone input source
  • The default key frame interval being changed to 5
  • When you press the Open button, improvements to the last recorded file is selected in the Explorer
  • Add Hibernate option when the recording time limit

Изменения в версии 202.0:

  • NVIDIA NVENC H.264 codec has been added
  • AAC, FLAC audio codec has been added
  • MKV, M4V, FLAC container has been added

Изменения в версии 208.0:

  • Add NVIDIA NVENC H.264 codec to enable advanced settings
  • NVIDIA NVENC H.264 encoder performance optimization
  • When the game record, modify the C ++ runtime errors that occurred in connection with the video size settings
  • When the game recorded in the GIF codec, modify fatal errors

Изменения в версии 212.0:

  • Fix a error that occur in the game record m4v codec
  • Modifying scaling feature bug in DirectX 10 or higher
  • By processing the record in a non-synchronized manner, reducing the game delayed recording
  • Additional exception conditions in minimizing the game window in the game recording mode
  • Optimized by modifying the memory leak in VFW codec
  • Modification of false positives xtrap solution

Изменения в версии 231.0:

  • Open H.264 codec added
  • AAC encoder performance improvements and add 512Kbps bitrate
  • DirectX8 recording performance is improved
  • Capture performance is improved(Game recording mode)
  • Additional options that margin when output watermark
  • Fixed a crash related to OpenGL GDI leak
  • Fix problems stopping the game in certain situations
  • Modifying the language packs related security issues

Изменения в версии 240.0:

  • Remove clipping when using the FLAC codec
  • When using the FLAC codec, improved sound problems to be small
  • When using an external VFW codec also allows you to select the audio codec
  • Additional optional sample rate of the audio codec
  • When adding the ability to capture the mouse cursor and add a watermark
  • Screen Capture function improved(set the mouse cursor and watermark)
  • Additional features to limit the FPS in games recording mode
  • Improved select area function in Windows 8 or more

Изменения в версии 254.0:

  • Add mouse click effect
  • Change mouse highlight effect algorithms
  • Adding mouse effects preview feature
  • Error correction when recording sound only
  • Add the MKV container profile(NVENC + FLAC, OpenH.264 + FLAC)
  • Recording area around the mouse cursor, when recording
  • Updated language files

Изменения в версии 264.0:

  • Add webcam recording
  • Modify the video file errors that occur randomly
  • Updated language files

Изменения в версии 270.0:

  • Added ability to remove the ads via serial Purchase
  • Speed improvements when using mouse-specific effects Events
  • Fixed an issue where the ocam program can not re-run in some PC
  • Updated language files
  • Improving internal functions

Изменения в версии 280.0:

  • Fixed a bug when recording codec with NVIDIA NVENC
  • Added the ability to specify the starting number, serial number when you set the file name
  • Fixed a bug that appears, selecting Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese during installation
  • Fixed a bug appearing georgian different languages
  • Polish language update
  • Change the way internal advertising

Изменения в версии 294.0:

  • Fixed a bug that is not show FPS overlay in some PC Game Record(DirectX 10, 11).
  • Changing the algorithm for automatically selecting the number of CPU cores.
  • The configurable hotkey combinations have been much extended.
  • Fixed bug when running the game lol shortcut does not work.
  • Add option to hide the recording area.
  • When you use a webcam overlay, fixed an error(Unsupports fourCC MJPG).
  • It has changed the default browser to open the URL in ocam.
  • Remove the 3 seconds ad when you exit the program.

Изменения в версии 313.0:

  • Fix specific DirectX 11 app should not be recognized
  • Knox app player supports recording
  • In the Options dialog box Added the Reset button to reset all settings
  • Additional features to support a webcam(BGR, BGRA formats).
  • Fix webcam broken out in some part of the screen
  • Modify the crash problem when I use OpenGL in PCSX2(a PlayStation 2 emulator)
  • Fixed a bug that is not in the output FPS DirectX 11 games on some graphics cards
  • Modifying the recording area so that always at the top
  • Add the option to set up a webcam format
  • Arabic language is added
  • Change software license (View all)

Изменения в версии 331.0:

  • Additional NVIDIA HEVC codec
  • Additional NVIDIA HEVC YUV 4:2:0 Lossless preset
  • Additional NVIDIA HEVC YUV 4:2:0 Lossless high-performance preset
  • The default setting to automatically optimize the codec
  • If you can not use the codec NVENC disabled in the menu codec
  • DirectX 12 record performance is greatly improved
  • Fix DirectX 12 games crash on Windows 10-Redstone 1
  • Added ability to manage the list of the recorded area
  • Fixed recording area problem in some low-end PC
  • Fixed a bug that does not function properly in certain shortcuts hotkey combination
  • Fixed "Failed to Get Capture Pin" Error
  • Fixed a bug that some buttons do not work at ocam minimized state
  • Ukrainian language is added

Изменения в версии 337.0:

  • Delete pop-up ad that appears each time you record
  • Fixed a bug that occurs on some DirectX 8 games record
  • Fixed a bug that should not drag the window area during recording
  • Fixed a bug where the recording area on a dual-monitor change location
  • Chinese and Ukrainian languages Updated
  • Deleted main menu at the top of the bar
  • The main screen UI changed in a tab button
  • Bug fix menu is a menu that covers the recording area of the internal
  • FPS hidden or visible shortcut is being added
  • Improved recording area editor

Изменения в версии 344.0:

  • 144 FPS support
  • If NVIDIA NVENC H.264 codec is available, it will be activated as default codec.
  • Fixed to use less GPU memory when using Nvidia codec
  • Fixed an error when clicking OK after deleting all recording area list
  • Fixed point that LineBreak comes out twice in succession if you did not add the recording area when you press the resize button.
  • Add Hide Recording Area in Options
  • When recording is checked, recording area is not displayed when recording is stopped.

Изменения в версии 361.0:

  • Desktop Recording API (Desktop Duplication API) recording function added (speed improvement) when screen recording in Windows 8 or later.
  • Fixed some crashing points when recording some DirectX 9 games.
  • Support file size up to TB when showing recording status.
  • Fixed a bug where some items in the main menu were clicked while recording.
  • Fixed bug that can record with shortcut key when error message occurred during recording
  • If the voice data is not recorded for the time recorded, fix it to not wait for that time

Изменения в версии 364.0:

  • Desktop Recording API (Desktop Duplication API) recording function added (speed improvement) when screen recording in Windows 8 or later.
  • Fixed some crashing points when recording some DirectX 9 games.
  • Support file size up to TB when showing recording status.
  • Fixed a bug where some items in the main menu were clicked while recording.
  • Fixed bug that can record with shortcut key when error message occurred during recording
  • If the voice data is not recorded for the time recorded, fix it to not wait for that time
  • Fixed an issue where the screen appeared black when the administrator privileged application or screen lock
  • Language file updated

Изменения в версии 366.0:

  • Bug fixes when using Desktop Duplication API (Desktop API)
  • Fixed a problem where recording stops on some PCs.
  • Internal function stabilization

Изменения в версии 370.0:

  • Fixed an error when recording BlueStack game
  • Added a always show top level option
  • Added a small recording control that follows the recording area for Tablet PC
  • Fixed that bit rate option can not be saved in NVIDIA codec setting
  • It will show the error message exactly when the recordable resolution is exceeded

Изменения в версии 379.0:

  • Added fixed frame rate
  • Monitors support 90, 180, 270 degrees rotation when using desktop duplication API
  • Fixed a problem where some monitors were rotated when using the desktop duplication API, and memory ricky when the coordinates were negative.
  • Add tray icon
  • Added option to hide recording area
  • Add recording shortcut hide shortcut
  • Fixed the problem that the mini controller is visible when you check the mini-controller option in the game recording mode and press the OK button.
  • Language files updated

Изменения в версии 382.0:

  • Fixed a bug where the Desktop Duplication API did not work on some PCs.
  • On some PCs, Fixed a bug where recording failed with message "The audio engine (shared mode) or audio endpoint device (exclusive mode) does not support the specified format."
  • Fixes that 64-bit games are not recognized when Logitech Webcam C920 driver is installed