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Wood Magazine №252 (March 2018)

Автор: pragmatic от 5-01-2018, 19:42
Wood Magazine №252 (March 2018)Название: Wood Magazine №252 (March 2018)
Издательство: Meredith National Media Group
Год издания: 2018
Страниц: 92
Язык: Английский
Формат: pdf
Размер: 20.8 Мб

Журнал Wood предназначен для всех любителей и профессионалов в области деревообработки и столярного дела. Предлагает обзоры и тесты инструментов, оборудования, материалов, новые технологии и оригинальные проекты бытовой и специальной мебели для мастерской, дачи, дома, квартиры, гаража. Все изделия, модели и поделки представлены понятными схемами и чертежами, практически не требующими глубокого знания английского языка.


24 Compact Workbench
Build it in a weekend with home-center wood; use it for a lifetime.
30 Outdoor Fire Table
Take the chill off a spring evening with this super-safe propane-fueled firepit.
44 Coopered-top Hope Chest
The graceful, arching lid on this gorgeous chest is surprisingly easy to make.
54 Slab-flattening Sled
Build this poor-man’s planer to true up a board or natural-edge slab of any size.
68 Mil-spec “Warthog” Toy
You’ll find this wood toy almost as tough as the A-10 Thunderbolt it honors.
76 Picture Frames with a Twist
Give great gifts from your hands (and scrap bin) with these easy frames.

36 3 Must-have Adhesives
When assemblies get tricky, you need different kinds of sticky.
42 Leaving the Maker’s Mark
Show gift recipients how much you care by leaving a creative signature.
50 Find a Sharpening Service
When your blades have lost their edge, you need a pro to restore them properly.
56 Drill Your Way to Better Joinery
Learn to make six strong joints from simple to sophisticated.
62 The (Mostly) Cordless Workshop
Advances in batteries and motors are leaving outlets empty all over the shop.
78 Tools & Materials
Must-have mallets, and more.

1 Taking Measure
Take it outside.
4 Wood-Wide Web
Shop cabinets made easy.
6 Sounding Board
Your voice, your projects, your shop.
14 Ask WOOD
These tenons have a haunch.
16 Shop Tips
Zero-in perfect dadoes, and more.
88 What’s Ahead
A sneak peek at your next WOOD.

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