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Cabins & Cottages and Other Small Spaces

Автор: andrey4444 от 12-09-2014, 00:19
Автор: by Editors of Fine Homebuilding
Название: Cabins & Cottages and Other Small Spaces
Издательство: Taunton Press
Год: 2014
ISBN: 9781631860232
Формат: PDF
Страниц: 192
Язык: English
Размер: 31.01 Mb

Bigger doesn't always mean better. Especially when it comes to your mortgage payment. Unfortunately the recent real estate crisis taught us that important lesson. Cabins & Cottages: and Other Small Spaces will inspire you to think smaller and smarter.
Think small! With each turn of the page you'll be captivated by gorgeous photographs of inspiring, exciting small spaces. In this collection from Fine Homebuilding magazine, the featured authors focus on homes both new and remodeled, urban and rural, traditional and modern, and even a few truly quirky spaces like:
• A Garden Cottage for Low-Impact Living
• Watch Island Retreat
• Do-It-Yourself Retreat
• A Cottage Fit for a Hobbit
• A New Floor Plan Saves an Old House
• Carriage-House Comeback
• A Better House Not a Bigger One
• plus other small structures like Stylish Sheds, Studio, Storage and More

Smaller = Smarter. Smaller homes can serve all the purposes of a much larger home, you simply need careful planning and smart strategies. Since smaller homes are becoming more popular – due to economic factors, smaller family sizes, tighter building lots, and the desire to use fewer natural resources – builders and designers are getting creative and employing all their best tricks to help homeowners get the most out of their tight spaces. 
Small in structure. Big in style. The petite, stylish homes featured throughout Cabins & Cottages are as big as they need to be and perfectly fit the lifestyles and aspirations of their homeowners. Get inspired and enjoy all design styles and construction types showcased here in hundreds of beautiful photographs.

All of the contributing authors are seasoned professionals whose articles have appeared in Fine Homebuilding magazine. With a circulation of more than 200,000, the magazine has been providing information and inspiration to everyone who cares about quality home improvement and construction. From the very first issue in 1981, Fine Homebuilding established itself as the best source of home improvement information, helping readers build projects better, faster and more efficiently.
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